About me

Artist and Illustrator based in Germany

"Every artist once started as a beginner."

I'm Yenni Vu, nice to meet you! I've been drawing since I was a child and art always has been my passion.  When I first watched "Sailor Moon" on the German TV in the late 1990s, I immediately fell in love with the Shoujo style! A few years later, my artists idols were Arina Tanemura and CLAMP.

So today I mainly draw cute girls in Anime / Manga style using XPPen Artist Pro 16 Gen 2 and Clip Studio Paint most time. And sometimes I draw traditionally with watercolors.

I especially enjoy drawing fanarts to show my love to Anime, Manga and games I like and I also take pleasure in drawing my original characters to bring them to life.

And you should know about me that my favorite Pokémon is Oshawott!

I want to share my art with people all over the world. And sometimes you can meet me at German conventions where I sell my art.

You can contact me in German and English.


Here you can see the progress of my art over the past two decades. I believe more in practice than in talent!

The fascination of art

"Everyone is their own world's artist."

Art is more than just some drawings. Art is an own language that touches people worldwide.

Art © Yenni Vu. 

All Rights Reserved. Do not use or distribute without permission. 

Characters displayed on fanart work belong to their respective owners.

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